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  3. ab day?!
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  5. CARDIO! Your favorite
  6. medicine slam ball routine for cardio and conditioning
  7. Lats, lats and more lats
  8. Bicep excercise to strengthen pulling power
  9. Pre Workout Static Stretching
  10. Fat Gripz
  11. Elbow Sleeves
  12. Everyone's PR Log!
  13. Does Bar Speed Affect Strength Gains
  14. Cardio or Caloric Deficit by Diet
  15. Occlusion Training
  16. For those that buy into the one-hour rule
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  18. Muthafucka big ass arms
  19. DC Training?
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  21. P90x entirely different than I envisioned it
  22. Brutal leg workout/vaillant sharts at elitefts
  23. Lower volume/ Higher volume workouts
  24. 5/3/1 assistance work
  25. Squat technique
  26. Bench Press: Limiting Factors?
  27. Elite Fitness Safety Squat bar
  28. Help me design a leg routine!!
  29. Routine for a young boy 15
  30. Smolov Opinions
  31. So what do you do when you get to the gym?
  32. Split Routine or one muscle group at a time?
  33. Lat pull downs vs pull ups
  34. Size or Strength?
  35. Need good routine/book/course
  36. lifting straps?
  37. Body Symmetry Issues
  38. Bicep Secret
  39. Any thoughts on "Beyond 5/3/1"?
  40. how does my routine look?
  41. Substituding cardio for strength and proper form
  42. Smolov
  43. occlusion training
  44. Forearms?!
  45. Possible to retrain muscle fibers?
  46. I bodybuilder Workout by Thib coach
  47. Post P90x - Back at the gym and it feels great
  48. AM or PM workout? Your preference?
  49. How long do you take?
  50. Opinions on this "routine"?
  51. decent dip bar
  52. What's your current split
  53. can we train while doing the juice cleanse?
  54. Best indoor exercise bike?
  55. Workout length?
  56. Sprinting - Injury prevention
  57. Knee Injury Prevention