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  1. Introduce yourself!
  2. Using clomid and arimidex - need help for doses
  3. How's your hair?
  4. Opinions on a possible reversal protocol
  5. Latest tests
  6. Is this possible?
  7. Unfortunate 20yro Saw Palmetto sufferer looking for some quick tips from CD/Entropy
  8. SwoleSource, I will conquer this but I need help. Help me finally kill my stupid PFS
  9. Need help overcoming hopefully my final stages of PFS
  10. Looking for Applicants
  11. Wonder drug released totally reversing all PFS symptoms
  12. My journey to the promised land
  13. Recovery Journey
  14. Prohormone cycle
  15. Andreasoz's PFS story and hopeful recovery
  16. My pfs battle
  17. my saw palmetto side effects recovery journey - i am gonna WIN
  18. My journey and updates
  19. Doing 7 day Juice Feast - Will start 9/9/16
  20. Need help with blood tests
  21. Hi
  22. Buying the right juicer or blender
  23. My Recovery Journey
  24. The physiological causes of "PFS" and the cure
  25. Minoxidil induced PFS
  26. HGH + Deer antler velvet + Testosterone booster
  27. Motivation
  28. I will recover.
  29. Recovery plan and questions
  30. Should I drop the aromatase inhibitor
  31. 5a-DHP
  32. Androvar
  33. Folowing protocol for PFS, need advice
  34. Following cd nuts protcol- need insight on my fast
  35. Hello
  36. Great Interview DR Goldstein..Finasteride Permanent 5AR Enyme Destroyed
  37. Blood Test Results
  38. protocol suggestions based on bloods.
  39. Sticky
  40. Dealing with PFS and specifically reduced penile sensitivity
  41. Dealing with PFS, specifically with numbness
  42. Dealing with PFS and specifically reduced penile sensitivity
  43. Hulk WILL recover!
  44. Advice on Protocol/Bloods
  45. Blonyx HMB + Creatine
  46. Recovery Protocol
  47. Juice feast part of protocol
  48. Pregnenolone and Progesterone both stimulate AR
  49. DHT levels 8-10 times higher in hyperthyroid men
  50. White Rice over Brown Rice
  51. Herb Cycling Rotation
  52. New Symptoms that keep Worsening
  53. PFS guys - personal question
  54. Recommendations for body and household products free of xenoestrogens
  55. Pfs symptoms and relief from symptoms
  56. Introduction to Me: Future PFS-Recovery Guy
  57. TRT pre PFS- now POST
  58. Preg {write-up}
  59. Some questions about Diet
  60. No Fap article
  61. Pumping page complete
  62. An oldie but goodie
  63. Androsterone (R-andro, Androhard etc.) {write-up}
  64. Pro hormones and PFS
  65. Short Intro and a Few Questions and Comments
  66. Masturbation page complete.......feed back appreciated
  67. Protein page complete.
  68. Bathmate - Hydro Pump Question
  69. Magnesium page complete. Any and all feedback welcomed.
  70. Great article on water fasting
  71. Contact page is done
  72. Breath work page is complete.
  73. Gonadin
  74. HIIT page finished
  75. Pine Pollen Powder
  76. is this pfs or pure fear and anxiety
  77. Seeking Advice for New Guy
  78. Been a long time coming! Overwhelmed and don't know where to start.
  79. Hi everyone
  80. To all pfs guys....please read this message before posting!
  81. DHT prohormones for cycling with the regimen
  82. Recoveries
  83. PFS Product request thread
  84. Is your deodorant poisoning you
  85. Recovery section recommendation
  86. Did anyone else get "non 24 sleep disorder" from propecia/pfs?
  87. How to sleep deeper when your brain is now programed with low sleep intensity
  88. should I start the program with out the herbs or will it work for me
  89. New page on sun exposure
  90. Great article on brain health.
  91. why no one wants to answer me
  92. Ketogenic Diet and Hormones
  93. Physiological causes of PFS
  94. Giving It All For A Full Recovery
  95. Intermittent Fasting for PFS
  96. Yellow semen
  97. New Recommendation
  98. Check out FPR's log of the new androhard transdermal
  99. Temporary Cure for PFS Libido Loss
  100. Calling any asthmatics - your experience with pine pollen
  101. How to take the herbs and dosing?
  102. Prohormone Page?
  103. Before asking.....
  104. Chlorella and Spirulina Sale
  105. A Question About Herb Cycling
  106. A question about the HIIT part of the protocol. Sprints and bodyweight!
  107. I'll be be back
  108. Good sale on Ashwaganda tincture
  109. Caffeine increases progesterone, pregnenolone, T, DHT, allopreg, 5AR in brain
  110. Good video to watch
  111. This can be the Battle of our lives: Fear not for we can conquer this.
  112. Sorghum, Molasses, Honey
  113. Question about the herbs
  114. Avacados
  115. What's the verdict on White Rice?
  116. Opinions on Tempeh (fermented soy)
  117. Sore/sensitive teeth
  118. Ginger - Prokinetic and Possible Herb Enhancer?
  119. Pearl Powder
  120. Thyroid/Adrenal Question
  121. One pill, major sides : I need your advice !
  122. Res100 - How to Use
  123. SOY! Let's talk about it! And soy while having PFS.
  124. About the supplements during the cleanse
  125. Random Question
  126. Alternative source of ashwagandha?
  127. PFS and milk
  128. Bacopa and Lions Mane
  129. Trump takes propecia?
  130. Riboflavin and Thiamine
  131. Random questions
  132. BPA
  133. No longer associated with Anabolic Apex
  134. Help with the first herbs
  135. Thyroid question
  136. John Rose - Your opinions
  137. Shilijat Resin
  138. I have PSSD
  139. Help - Dr Bouloux
  140. Anyone Beat The Physical Side Effects
  141. The no fap thread
  142. Starting to worry now. Please advise.
  143. Protein powder
  144. Lifestyle Concern
  145. Regaining Penis Size
  146. Swill's dance with IML R-Andro
  147. pro-hormones question
  148. Prohormone Sale
  149. Pure motivation! Something to think about.
  150. Meegs- On My Way to Recovery
  151. Testicular shrinkage
  152. pfs symptoms
  153. Biatch following the protocol
  154. Pine Pollen Soap?
  155. Paelo meal ideas
  156. Hot and Cold Showers
  157. IML R-Andro First Taste
  158. Water fast
  159. Road to recovery
  160. Bathmate preference
  161. Opinions on Infrared Saunas
  162. Need Advice Before Juice Feast
  163. For those of you who need extra help with adrenals (or think you do) Try this....
  164. Introduction of pssd sufferer
  165. My experience with PFS and how I'm beating it
  166. Battling allergy during juicing phase.
  167. D-Aspartic Acid Question and Noobie question
  168. For that are asking how R-Andro works for PFS
  169. Lysine for GABA
  170. Inosine as a treatment for PFS
  171. New To The Journey
  172. Cycling Herb(s) Question
  173. Few Random Questions
  174. Curious on Everyone's thoughts regarding PFS and depression
  175. SoCal Now Has Alpha Andro TD (androsterone TD) in stock
  176. 5A-DHP
  177. long time lurker, finally got my health back doing cdnuts/boost your low T protocol
  178. The western medical community is scam @$$ B@ll$shit!
  179. New to the game
  180. Brain maker
  181. Coffee Enemas
  182. PFS for 2 years, Its time to end it!
  183. Desperate !
  184. Can you use viagra occasionally on the protocol?
  185. Muscle wastage
  186. RE: Beginning Regiment - Can I eventually use Coffee and Stimulants again.
  187. Can someone overcome several Pharma mishaps?
  188. Re: Getting One's Face Back?
  189. Out of all the full recoveries who's been the fastest?
  190. Article on sperm count drop in western men
  191. Getting herbs through an airport
  192. Gelantized Maca - Lost Empire Herbs
  193. To ketosis or not to ketosis?
  194. More information on the safety profile of DHT prohormones (regards suppression)
  195. Exertion headaches from sprinting
  196. Kava
  197. A very important piece to my puzzle
  198. Sleep? Pregnanalone?
  199. RE: Meditations that helped my mental health
  200. Suncream
  201. Before You Whine - Do This
  202. IV Therapy
  203. Mega Dosing + Tinture
  204. Morning Fatigue and weakness and dry eyes
  205. Head Pressure? / true north fasting relieving this vs. juice feast relieving?
  206. Swimming pools and Spa's
  207. My personal update thread
  208. Juicing. Recipes / Advice appreciated
  209. R-Andro Round 2
  210. thoughts on progesterone / pregnenolone
  211. Help Please Health Ranger store
  212. Bacopa and SSRI ?
  213. Different drug, same story - my update thread
  214. Important read for everyone- English's recovery and the placebo effect
  215. Saw Palmetto Journey.
  216. Androsterone conversion pathways - calling tubzy!
  217. Jacknap's Road To Vitality
  218. Newly discovered recovery? Tanking Pottassium?
  219. Forks over knives - Opinion?
  220. 26 days off Finasteride. Sides still persist. I have a touch of PFS according to doc!
  221. Vitamin D feeling wired
  222. Cistanche Tubulosa increases 5ar 2 gene expression 2-15 fold in the liver.
  223. Lowering Cortisol?!..
  224. Good Music For Gym + Mood
  225. Bizzbee's Trial with Androhard by MuscleGelz
  226. K.I.S.S.
  227. Sick for the first time since crash
  228. Bone broth & free glutamates?..
  229. Top 10 Foods
  230. Eating smart
  231. Eating insects
  232. A Question for you all
  233. Semen Back to normal in quantity and quality
  234. How Do You Take Your Herbs?
  235. How do we avoid Fluoride?
  236. The goal with weight training
  237. Recovery story with similar method to CD's..
  238. How about this
  239. Headaches after increasing my exercise
  240. Organizing Herbs
  241. Severe Anxiety
  242. msab1990 - coming back from the dead
  243. Water fasting vs Juice Feast
  244. Warm up and cool down
  245. Increase 5-ar intra-prostatic
  246. The RxISK prize - curing PFS, PRSD and PSSD
  247. Daily supplements
  248. Quick question to CDN
  249. Refeeding after water fasting.
  250. Favourite Herbs?!..