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11-11-2012, 11:13 PM
Welcome to the Supplement Study Database.

The purpose of this subforum is to create a database of scientific knowledge for various supplements. The internet provides a wealth of information for bodybuilders and fitness fanatics to gain a more comprehensive understanding of supplements and their effect on the bodies. Unfortunately, information is scattered throughout the internet, and a comprehensive resource has yet to be compiled. There is also a large amount of non-scientific information that is stated as fact.

This database seeks to correct these issues, by providing a centralized resource for the gathering of scientific information regarding supplements.

How does it work?
The structure is very simple, yet it is crucial that structure and quality remain in high regard in order to insure the success of this project. Each thread in this database is to be dedicated to a single ingredient or supplement, and titled appropriately. For example, a thread would exist titled "Creatine," and it would be the only thread in this subforum with that title.

Within each thread will be a collection of posts submitted by members, each containing a single scientific abstract, a highlight of it's conclusion, and a link to the related pubmed entry. All studies are to be submitted in the same format, as detailed below:


First the Title of the study should be copied into your post, bolded, and color changed to "Fire Brick" (First Column, Second Row).
Next, a generic quote should be entered (http://i.imgur.com/ugTM6.png) and the contest of the study's summary copied in between the quote tags.
If any emails are provided for the study's authors, please remove the email. This is to prevent the forum from linking to that author's email.
Then, find the summary or conclusion of the study and make it bold and change the color to "Fire Brick."
Lastly, after the close quote tag, please link to the study's summary on pubmed.

This subforum has another sticky titled "Supplement Study Index." This thread is locked, and edits can only be done by a moderator. This thread will function as an index of threads in the study database. This is so if you wanted to research a supplement ingredient, you could consult the Index, and find a link to the that ingredient's dedicated thread. If a thread does not exist for an ingredient, and you create one, a mod will add it to the index.

Award System
An award system has been implemented into the forum, so that each member will now have a representation of thier contributions to the database. Awards can be presented at various levels of participation. Awards received will appear under your avatar and in your user profile.

What do Awards do?
Awards allow your contribution and participation to be presented to other members of the community. They are a way of recognizing members whom have gone above and beyond.

How do I participate?
There is no sign up necessary to participate. In order to contribute to the database, begin your research and post appropriate studies as outlined above. If you have any questions, please ask a moderator.

Can we discuss studies?
The study databases are strictly for the posting and indexing of related studies. Please keep all discussions on studies in the Advanced Supplement Science or Advanced Enhancement Science subforums.