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  1. Hey Cdsnuts

    Man you are doing an amazing job with this forum and you are inspiration for many people out there. Thank you!

    I wanted to consult with you about the protocol, when and how to start it, and to make sure I'm following the right path.

    35 years old, in great shape, been using finasteride between 2014-2016 with no side effects.

    2 months ago I started taking that shit again (I feel so stupid), and in the past four (4) days I'm feeling the following symptoms:

    - No erections
    - No libido
    - sleeping problems
    - extensive sweating
    - too much pee

    I've stopped using finasteride yesterday, and will never touch that crap again.

    I'm still unsure if I'm having pfs or not but I do feel those troubling symptoms.

    Wanted to get your feedback how to get back to myself as soon as possible, because you did it before.

    I do understand that things may take time and I'm all in for whatever it takes to be the beast I've always been.

    Many thanks man
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