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    Hey @turnover,
    Thanks so much man for everything. I know I really hard to keep coming back and answering these questions. I know these things play games on the mind. Thanks to people like you and c.d are such things possible to be handled.
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    5. Did you follow the brands that Fredd gave.
    6. Did you take L- carnitine
    7. Have you fully recovered from the folate deficiency trap.
    8. Did you still continue to take folate and b-12 after making it out of the trap.
    9. For someone with b-12 deficiencies should they continue on the dosages mentioned till the deficiency is taken care of.
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    Hey @Turnover25
    Sorry for bothering you but I just wanted to ask you a few questions so I can properly start my trap recovery process.

    My story:-
    I took a methyl based b - vitamin for my b-12 deficiency . After which I took about 500 mcg of methylcob along with 500 mcg of L- methly folate for about 20 days . Crashed later after break a water fast with green juice. Same symptoms as yours.

    My questions

    1. Did you test for a b-12 deficiency. If not then how would you advise someone who has a deficiency to go about this as even after getting out of the trap one has to keep taking some sort of supplement to reverse the b-12 deficiency. ( would you suggest shifting to cyanocobalamin or hydro cob ) .

    2. What supps did you take( including b-vitamins and methly vitamins) . In what order. In what dosage?

    3. Did you get any reaction when leaving the trap which fredd mentions in his post?

    4. Did it take you just one day to get out of the trap?.
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    Ok, I will work on calming my mind. I agree I must be full of cortisol and that doesn't help. Weirdly I am way less panicky in this fasted state. Like I don't look behind and know I have shit to do in order to heal.

    I am finishing my fast on friday, after which I will be super safe with food and I will try the folate thing when my exams are done. I trust it, but I can't risk it with exams in 2 weeks.

    And I totally understand, I won't question you about it anymore. You've been really helpful and I don't wanna keep making you dip your toes in this pool of shitty memories.

    I can't thank you enough for the help man, I'm rooting for you for your remaining recovery. Leave the door open for me on the way out
  5. @Outlaw or donít, itís your choice. But you need to make a game plan, and stick with it. From there, calm your mind and relax. If you raise your cortisol during PFS, youíre just going to get worse. Which is what obsessing and stressing does

    In al honesty, all the info you need is on my post, I wrote a novel about it and left it there so I wouldnít have to revisit the bad experience I had, just talking about it removes me from being able to move on from all this, I donít really want to coach someone through it for 6 months, I donít say that in an asshole kind of way obviously but I understand how shitty your situation is which is why I donít want to revisit it myself everyday, Iíve considered deleting that post altogether because I always get messages about it. Obviously Iím here for you but Iím telling you, youíre gonna be fine and need to quit freaking out
  6. @Outlaw bananaís weíre fine for me, I avoided blueberries, strawberries, cruciferous veggies, and steak/beef. Pretty sure thatís it.

    You sound a lot like me. I waited months because like you, I was a student and didnít want to risk crashing cuz Iíd fail tests or whatever. Thatís a bad mindset, your causing yourself a ton of subconscious stress, and the most important part of PFS is stress. Half these motherfuckers think they have PFS but in reality they are obsessively stressing over a condition they read about online so cortisol is suppressing their sex hormones and keeping them in the bad state PFS put them in. I wouldnít doubt that half my problem with the whole folate thing was just how bad it stressed me out.

    Taking an abundance of folate isnít going to crash you, Iíd get it over with if youíre looking for a way to heal. If it doesnít work, then at least you know, and can reevaluate. Instead of sitting there for months debating and freaking yourself out.
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    Any other foods you avoided with this folate shit? Apart from blueberries/beef/brocoli.

    I ask because folate is everywhere, but it looks like stuff with folate doesnt crash me while others do. A month ago, I was eating oranges with no problem, but beef crashes me. I also think I read that you eat bananas, which have 2x as much folate as blueberries. So it seems weird. Since fixing your folate you're positive you can eat steak, beef, etc? Like you tried it?

    I just wanna be careful what I eat in the next weeks because if I recrash I will fail my semester. I'm scheduled to pass my Bar next fall so I would be fucked lol.

    After that I will try Fredd's protocol, and hopefully it will clear my intensified PFS symptoms and will allow me to eat what I want.
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    Man you had balls of steel, trusting the protocol of a guy that sounded confusing. And good to know you can now eat those things.

    I'll wait for my 23nme just to be sure cause Im too scared, and if I have the mutation I'll try it. I think I'm all set information wise. Thanks a lot for the help man, I appreciate it so much
  9. @outlaw I had alot of the same questions as you, I learned this from a guy on Phoenix rising who was confusing as shit, Jado said the same. Name was Freddd.

    He told me to load up on B12 for a few days, but I donít think you have to. And I think the issue would more so be if you took B12 for a long extended period of time without folate, not a couple days. You just want enough, thatís what I did but I donít think itís necessary. I did that mainly because I was testing for methyltrap. Iíd recommend the same.

    Blueberries were bad, so was steak and all beef. I can eat both now, but I donít. I think I just associate them with the whole experience. Strawberries too. I still canít handle broccoli. But I think thatís due to a PFS related food intolerance, but I did eat blueberries the other day just because my friend wanted some and he was staying with me, felt fine
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    Yeah I got the good brands, thanks.

    You say you took b12 for a couple days before the folate, but in your post you say we should always take b12 with folate, and never alone. Just wanna make sure what's right.

    Also, I just read on your post that blueberries made you crash. That's fucked up, because my last meal before I crashed, I ate 3 packs of blueberries with yogurt. I thought it was the beef I had for dinner (contains b12), but it looks clearcut, it has to be those damn blueberries, and I took a lot too. Can you eat those now or they still fuck you up?
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