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I am trying to follow this so I can understand. I think he's saying that if you only have 7 days to spend at true north than you can't spend the whole 7 days in a water fast because a refeed will be required which also takes place their?

sorry if I have this wrong

also why is it that a juice fast is out of the question? I am assuming you guys are talking about refeeding as this needs to take place with a juice feast opposed to a juice fast?

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You are correct in the time frame. They will make you stay a few days to refeed after fasting for 7.

You can go right into a juice fast there, but why pay for the time to stay there when you can do it yourself? The juice fast as opposed to a juice feast comes down to the amount of juice you can drink. At true north, when you do a juice fast, you get four, twelve ounce glasses of juice per day plus all the water you can drink....it's like a water fast lite, so to speak. Feasting, you drink as much juice as you want to get through your day so your not sidelined. That you have to do yourself.

So at True north, he is going to have to fast, refeed for maybe two days or so, then go home and start the juice feast.