Sorry for the delay bro, got hammered at work recently. I kept my main training days the same, but on my extra accessory days I've switched to a more fst-7 style training. That way I can keep some size while I dieted down. Basicly 3 days of powerlifting focusing completely on the powerlifts (usually lasting 2 hours) then 2 days of fst -7 on whatever body parts seem to be lagging. Usually keeping that workout to 1 hour. Followed by an extra 2 miles on the elyptical machine post training.

Diet wise I eat about the same callories, cleaner choices though. 1 or 2 Glutten free meals a week and found some new quality beef sources.

Really I think there was a massive amount of carry over from my raw work to my equipped due to keeping nearly the same stance on my squat and almost same grip on the bench.