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    Hairloss Prevention on heavy androgens

    What's up guys,

    If anyone has problems with hairloss (on or off cycle) I suggest you trying this regime below (it's my current regime).

    So my rat has been experimenting with some new techniques. My current regime consists of:

    • 40mg-60mg of RU58841 dissolved in Neogenic (dercos), applied once at the raw powder from AARC
    • Let it dry for 5 minutes, then apply 2% Nizoral/keto shampoo (or Regenepure DR) that's right, use the shampoo at night before bed. Pour a small amount in hand a dab on your finger on spread on thinning areas (It wont lather if your hair is dry)
    • Let it dry 5-10min then apply topical spiro (optional, I only use this on cycle)

    I got off minox...I was on it for 2 years. I think it def had some impact on my skin..I used a lot since I was a diffuse thinner (3ML). My skin looks great now though due to hyaluronic acid and emu oil (no acne either even on androgens).

    Now my rat is currently on:

    • Test E 300mg a week
    • Masteron 150mg EOD
    • Androhard V2 1000mg ED
    • RS Transderm


    • Palm Fruit extract (Eric's)
    • Fish oil
    • Multi
    • Greens Formula
    • BCAA
    • NAC

    Sustain Alpha?

    If you are familiar with steroids at all, masteron is the hardest on the hairline. So before I added in the night time application of keto 2% I was getting slight hair loss (I was just using it in the shower daily, but it wasn't enough). Also, my scalp was itchy as fuck I'm assuming from excess sebum/DHT. Once I added in the keto 2% I have zero hair loss. I also use Regenpure DR in the shower twice a day. For the spiro, I only use it on cycle for extra protection. There is a Japanese study which demonstrated applying nizoral topically and letting it stay on a for hours (like overnight) with very good results.

    If you are not prescribed or don't have access to the 2% try using Regenpure DR. I was using it for a week before I got the 2% and it def made my hair nicer and cleaner (Im assuming to the extra ingredients like emu oil, vitamins etc.)

    If I'm not shedding on Mast and Test, then I pretty much eliminated DHT topically...

    Also, my libido is through the roof so none of this is absorbing systemically....

    Off cycle I have/had aggressive hairloss started early from a SD cycle...I took finasteride for two years which lead me to sides even after stopping that's why I'm flooding my body with androgens now to help re-establish the enzymes (5AR etc.)
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    I think I look better with a shaved head. Trying to prevent hair loss was a mental handicap for me.

    I'm also recovering from finasterise and interested to hear more about your recovery

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    Hi TubZy!

    I hope you're well. How's your recovery going?

    I read in a thread you use Nizoral/Regenepure Dr for your hairloss and it was working. Has it adversely effected your recovery in any way?

    I was thinking of using Regenepure because my scalp has been itching like crazy and this might stop it/keep me sane, but I'm scared it's going to set me back and make me crash (PFSer here) because of the Keto/Saw Palmetto in the mix. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.


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