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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCal-Nutrition View Post
    you can stack invictus and 11-keto. I would run a very moderate dose of the invictus though.

    I would either use .5ml post cardio, or .5ml in the evening.

    Invictus mitigates cortisol systemically, but 11-keto should only impact cortisol in target tissue.
    Interesting. Glad I asked, I figured it would be the more the other way around and the bAET would be more in target tissue and the 11-keto would act more systematically. This should work good though, I'm planning on applying a fairly generous dose of the 11-keto after my morning shower then the Invictus post-workout in the evening. I might dial back what I was planning on the Invictus a bit too. I was going to try 1-2 ml/day, but that was also before I decided to incorporate the 11-keto.

    Also, on a side note. I'm somewhat surprised to see 11-kt making it back to the market. Everything recently has been the precursor, 11-oxo. I'm glad to see it though, I never got much out of 11-oxo, at least in capsule form, but with this stuff being the target hormone I imagine it should definitely yield better results especially being TD.
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    I just logged this on my own dime for 4 weeks running another six weeks at .6mL first log was at 1mL a day .
    should I post the log on here in the supplement sections ?

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