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    What's your current split

    Looking to switch things up a little.

    how do you do your split?
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    So I don't lift heavy....especially since I'm hardly in the

    But. Here's what I've found. CHASE THE GOD DAM PUMP. Carb the Fuk up the day bfor, do negatives, focus on the god dam muscle and even just hold it mid way as long as you can.

    Seated concentration curls...seated hammer curls/ standing....seated w bar curls with machine I've found to do wonders for the arms. But seriously. I don't count reps. I don't count sets. I lift slow, concentrated, and like I said, I'll even hold a lift mid way and leave it for as long as I can and squeeze. Creates size. Doesn't take much weight. And also seems to condition the muscles quite well.

    This wasn't quite the answer you were looking for, and if you already do some of this, then Sik. Most certainly didn't mean any of it to come off as being noob info....but I've seen such great results from doing this....then again I also know my body after lifting for the better part of the last 8 years....but the other great part to this.....low to no chance of injury...builds muscle...and doesn't destroy the body....I'll probably never lift any different as long as this keeps doing what I want.

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    I do the 4 main body groups (chest back shoulders legs) and build everything round them. I like to lift heavy but the older I get the longer my body and nervous system takes to recover. So weight wise I go up by percentages for 4 weeks then drop back down after the 4 week for a pump week. Rinse and repeat.

    I try not to take more that one day off and only go 2 days in a row. This is not possible all the time but I can stay pretty consistent. I will do one long high rep warmup set for the next body part doing up that week. For example when training chest I will do one set of a leg exercise because that is the next body part I will hit in the week. I feel it primes that muscle group.

    I really like Christian Thibaudeau who writes for T-Nation and got this split from him. The only thing I do differently is I work lagging body parts almost everyday at the gym. For me that is upper inner chest, biceps, and calves. For these I do 1 or 2 set of isolated, high rep work chasing the pump. So far the split and the high rep work has been really working for me.

    Here is the article where he explains everything.
    How I Added 100 Pounds to My Deadlift in 2 Weeks | T Nation

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