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    Products for sale

    Figured I would offer some deals for the guys on here...especially if they haven't tried the Alpha Gainz line yet.

    6 bottles of 4-Andro TD V2 $32 each
    6 Bottles Alpha Andro TD (Androsterone) $24 each (will be able to ship 9/1)
    6 Bottles Alpha 19 TD (19nor DHEA) $32 each
    10 Stacks of DHEA TD + Alpha P5 (pregnenolone) $22 each
    5x 3 bottles stacks for Stano TD for $36 each

    Domestic shipping is a flat $6

    contact me for international shipping options

    payment via paypal as friends and family or venmo

    link to site with product specifics

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    Rob, what are left from here? I see want to pick up some go the Alpha-Andro. If you don't see this, I'll hitcha on FB.

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