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    Quote Originally Posted by Pageidol View Post
    I understand guys im bk on the fast, but if i have nerve damage im seriously fucked for ever??? And nothing in the world will save me apart from a penile implant autonamtic neuropathy is irreversible nerve damage. Ive hold every symptom of it from ending up with major cns toxicity symptoms on that product.
    LMAO you ask questions that would require a time machine in order to be answered

    do your best my guy

    and im betting that you dont have nerve damage

    the human body is so resilient, highly doubt you got fuked from glycine no matter how many anecdotal reports and information you connect

    before i found out i had PFS, i used to think i damaged my myelin sheath and had this terrible brain fog

    i made such a great sound case that i even got a harvard professor to agree with my thesis in an email i sent.

    it turned out i didnt damage my myelin sheath and all those hours i spent freaking out went to waste
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    I checked my whey protein and it has 4.5 grams of glutamic acid per serving

    I also have 11 grams of bone broth / collagen a day

    1 gram of magnesium

    and 7-10grams of glycine at night

    you sure it's just not a downswing to which u got curious and read the worst possible reason for your symptoms? then your panic compounded the downswing?

    From rock bottom to rockstar, baby.

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    Wish to god id researched before what I was buying. It contains a trillion other things too, seriously ive got autonamtic dysfunction, all of it my nerves are fukin fried for life.

    I tried a suicidal attempt already this isnít in my head...why why why did I not research

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