I want to make this as short and detailed as possible.

I would like to give a 3 month update post a 9 day water fast under medical supervision in Sant Rosa, California, The True North Health Center.

There are two things in the medical world:

1. Universal
2. Controversial

Water fasting falls under controversial. Today I am still experiencing nausea, and stomach pains, though it has been 3 months since I have finished my water fast. For those who have followed me earlier, around 6 months ago I had a penis pump injury as well, which has still not fully recovered as well, but better then when I first had the injury. Please dont use a penis pump without reading horror stories, not everyone has the same tolerance.

I paid for 21 days of water fasting, but my blood drawn on the 7th day of the fast, has shown that my creatinine function was to high. Results came in on the 9th day of the fast. My supervising doctor told me to break the fast.

Due the immense pain I'm in from the water fast, I went to an MD, who prescribed me Prilosec for acid reflux, which helped, but then after 3 weeks, has given me rashes on my feet, now I will wait to see if it goes away, then probably go back to the MD, and get a different drug for acid reflux.

Overall my experience with the protocol has been very negative, and would never recommend it, but I do recommend the universal part of the protocol (IE Gym, diet, holistic lifestyle).

As far as PFS itself, I believe a lot of it is phycological for myself, so this forum isn't the right place for me in the first place. I believe that any PFS protocol should first include seeing a PHD therapist for cognitive therapy behaviour, since once a person finds out about the state of life he could be in when reading all the horror stories online, it creates massive havoc for most. Its a major life crises, and the first step is to go to therapy. Similar if GOD forbid your entire family perished suddenly. Its a fact that your brain can alter your pituitary gland function, this has been even been studied by the famous PFS doctor Alan Jacobs alan jacobs md's blog

PFS is rare, but from reading 100's of stories, it seems for most with time, they recover, and move on with their life, PFS is something that can destroy your head space, and prevent you from achieving your goal, which is why many protocols include mind relaxing techniques. The first step should always be to get into a good head space otherwise weather you actually have PFS or not, you will have 0 libido.