Hi All, firstly want to say how awesome it is having this new positive mentality here! can feel the different energy here from other PFS help sites.

I am about to start the Juice feast.....Ill be doing that for 2 weeks, then two weeks Smoothies.....then starting the herbs bought 7 and will buy the other 14 in two weeks....then hit the weights. While I am juice feasting can I do cardio and light weights? its the only things that gives me energy to start the day and helps with severe brain fog.......doing 20min on the treadmill and light weights will not hinder the effectiveness of the Juice fast?

Also when it is time to do the prohormones (4months after herb cycling and weights)...what reps is advised whilst on this stage......go back to 12 reps?
is it okay to do the weights before breakfast as I find working out on a empty stomach I have more energy?

also is millet ok to eat while doing the diet? I understand this helps with DHT?

thanks for your help guys!......had PFS for 6 years now and this year is the year I am coming out of this shit!.....I am treating this as a full time job with full focus!