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    Back on the gain train

    Got a job as a contractor. Hoping to do this for the next 5-7 years if the war last that long.
    As ill have nothing to do except lift, ive hired and online coach, and am going to get to it.

    Cycle will consist of: 12 weeks
    week 1-12: 4-adiol 725mg ED
    week 1-12: Fomestane 250mg ED for e-control but that added 4-hydroxy test aint half bad neever
    Week 1-12: MK-677 25mg ED
    week 1- 8: Rad-140 20mg ED dem prostate benefits look nice
    week 1- 2: Sdrol 10mg ED
    week 3- 4: Sdrol 15mg ED
    week 6-12: 1-adiol 150mg ED

    Then run some torem/Clomid/nolva for PCT

    Idk how the system works yet, and I don't want to ruin a 6 figure job over some vials. So im going to the prohormones for now. Once I get a better feel for everything ill start working on a cycle with like a vial per care package until im good, and get the HCG as well. But for now. Im just risking it idgaf. Lot's of shit, but if Im shutting myself down, im making it worth it.

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    Best of luck man. I considered going back as a contractor as well. Ended up being a stateside contractor and finishing my degree, was very blessed to do that. Worked on multiple DoD programs that support the FOBs over there. You'll be working with some pretty great people from my experience.

    Regarding the vials, I don't believe you'll have any issue. One of the guys I know who worked over there that we supported back stateside was an amateur bodybuilder working his way to competing. Pretty sure he never had to lay off the juice during this time from looking at him. Could depend company to company though, but most in that game don't give a shit.
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    How'd this run go?

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