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    Cognitive Function

    How long was it before you guys had some recovery in cognitive function? I crashed almost 4 months ago and it's still my biggest issue. I feel like it's the one thing I can't control and keeps sending me back to being depressed/suicidal. It's hard to feel good about yourself when the mind feels so slow. Was there anything specific that really helped anyone as far as cognitive function? I lift heavy 6x a week and I'm putting the right food and supps in my body. My test is at 512 ng/dL and I'm getting hard morning wood again consistently and feel like everything else other than my mind is going in the right direction. I take creatine, fish oil, phosphatidylserine, magnesium, zinc, NAC, and probiotics to try and help my brain, but no noticeable effect if I'm honest. I will say my head pressure and headaches has significantly better, but I suspect that may be because I try to really manage my stress better.

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    for me my personality came back the fastest

    main things that got it back for me I think was pregnanalone + the water fast

    things that took the longest was sleep + libido
    From rock bottom to rockstar, baby.

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