Thanks for the reply, you sound like a boss! I do have eye lashes that has been fucked (looks like spidery legs), along with hair on my arms that seem to point upwards as if i've been electrocuted, my skin all over my body has become stretchy as if i used to weigh 150kg and dropped down to 75kg, bulging and prominent veins all over my body... My nasolabial folds are terrible, deep lines under my eyes and yeah shoot, i thought i'd save my hair, but that's not the case, i don't see how you recover from physical changes, but fuck me i want to. Money is tight right now, and i want to start on a protocol ASAP before things worsen.

I thought about upping my weight and body fat percentage, and then doing a water fast as you mentioned, i just need to figure out how to gain it in a steady pace.