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    Quote Originally Posted by LetsRecover View Post
    Thank you for the Reply Cd!

    So I messed up.

    I want to do it right this time. Could you answer me a couple of questions?

    Is it ok to buy the fruits and veggies for Juice feasting from the Supermarket? Is this fresh enough?

    Can I skip or reduce the greens and drink more of a apple/banana/grapes Juice? I have problems not throwing up with spinach/kale/lettuce and celery.

    I assume a quart is a liter (defintions differ). Are 4 quarts of juice a must or can I drink 2 liters of water and 2 liters of juice?

    Is it ok to drink the juice out of a thermos bottle/ flask?

    Lastly, I live in flat with another guy and he eats a lot of junk food, gluten and he doesnt clean often. Everything is a bit dirty and our kitchen is sometimes a mess. If I clean up is this still a problem? Can it slow down my healing process?

    Sorry for annoying you. I just desperately want to get better as soon as possible.

    Thank you!
    Grocery store is fine. You want organic if possible. Not a deal breaker if they're not though.

    Minimum of four quarts/liters of juice. It's a feast, not a fast. Four quarts PLUS water during the day. You want to supply your body with enough calories to live on plus you want to flush the system out.

    Don't make the green juice all in one. Spread the recommended amount of greens through out all of your juices. The fruit masks the greens very well. You should enjoy them for the most part, not feel like it's something you have to suffer through.

    I'm not sure how your dirty roomate will effect your healing? What do you mean?
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    I am very sure I will suffer from it because there are so much greens and I can still taste them when spreading with other fruits. But I will do it.

    People who suffer from celiac desease do not share their kitchen because its likely they will get in touch with gluten. There is also a lot of dust and it is dirty in our flat. I thought that maybe the little gluten and the bacterias could attack my system and slow down my healing process.

    I will drink the juice out of flask/thermos bottles because I need to go to work during the day. Hope thats ok? I dont want people to see what I drink for two weeks.

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