As some may know, my work takes me overseas for most of the year. Cycling over here is pretty easy. But when I travel full time when im not deployed, I refuse to lug a syringe and vial around with me. So I am trying to make a good cruise TD for my travels for 2 months.
I figure if I have testU out here, I can load it up before I leave and cover most of my first month of a vacation with it. Then when that first month comes to an end, I can start using my TD mixture I bring with me as my continued cruise dose. But I have some questions. Maybe some people here can answer it. Also, what compounds would you make? Just as some ideas to help me bounce things off of. The goal is to keep androgens a little elevated if possible, but mostly just good quality of life.

I will be using Iron Legions Salvo for ease of use and a good TD carrier.

Questions: Would you use a Test base for this and just apply 2x/day? Esterification would render it too large to pass through skin correct? Plus it wouldn't have the desired effect once in the bloodstream anyways right?

My idea for a mix is:
Testosterone no ester
Trestolone no ester, or tren no ester

I know the tren and trest make me feel more lively, and test keeps my sex drive up. What combos would you guys make?