I took finasteride for 5 months last year, and the worst side effect I've suffered is skin problems, acne. It started when I was on the drug and got worse when I stopped (due to that and erectile dysfunction) and more than a year later it's still a big problem. I haven't read that many PFS cases where acne was a main concern, although there have been some (I look similar but not identical to a case of one person who posted many pictures over instagram, I believe, which I did not follow too closely as I heard that story has an unhappy ending and didn't want to depress myself).

I understand the preferred approach is just to follow the protocol 100% from top to bottom and not worry about individual symptoms. I am in the process of familiarizing myself with the protocol completely and obtaining everything I will need to begin it. However I am deeply concerned after more than a year of constant acne outbreaks that my skin could be permanently scarred. I know this is not the most common symptom but I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions about what supplements or just general approach I should take to minimize the risk of that and hopefully clear up the skin on my face? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance and here's to us all getting better one step at at time.