Hi Everyone!

Hoping I am welcome here. In the summer of 2016 I went on a crash diet where I lost over 35lbs in about 1.5 months. I got really lean for the first time of my life, and was also doing a bunch of cardio. I began to feel "off" but it took me 4 months to realize why I felt off. I had completely lost my libido, morning and spontaneous erections were gone, genitals were numb like rubbber, and there was no sensation in orgasm.. basically it low semen volume and force that looked like it came out 2 seconds late (delayed). I developed shortness of breath doing simple tasks, stress incontience, dribbling after urinating, dry eyes, dry armpits, restless legs and more..

I was initially thinking I had low t as this is common in people who decide to go on diets. My testosterone came back in the 400's. I was sure this was the issue, and thought I was doomed. I instantly increased calories, and stopped the cardio. Over the next few months my t was raised to 650's. However the symptoms remain. I visited all kinds of doctors in the last 3.5 years with no answers. I searched the internet and came across Cauda equina syndrome, sjorgens syndrome, post finasteride syndrome, post accutane syndrome, post ssri etc...

My symptoms are almost identical. I found 2 other people who claim that their diet gave them this "syndrome" I was hoping someone could help direct me in the right direction?