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    Woke up this morning and feel ok-ish. The last 3 days were nothing short of horrifying. I hope I donít have to experience that again. I got about 4 hours of sleep, woke up once for a few minutes in a half awake state, and quickly got back to sleep for another couple of hours. Now, just sore from the workouts, burning sensation on the skin (tolerable), low libido, fatigue, and major disconnect from everything . My upper lip is very swelled and think it may be an allergic reaction to mango, as I recall my lip burning a few days ago when eating it. About to go make some egg beats, bacon, and grab a probiotic yogurt.

    I just want to say that Iím documenting everything Iím going through on this journey. Iím not going to kill myself, as much as I want to die often during this, but Iím pushing through the best I can. It doesnít matter at this point who or what kind of ďspecialistĒ anyone says to turn to as they canít help. This is established. Iíve already been down the hospital, emergency room, specialist, and family doctor routes with no results for months. Theyíve all said they canít help. Thatís why Iím here. This is my last shot to fix whatever is wrong. Iím all in. Iím not straying from the protocol. Iím willing to do whatever it takes.

    Update (12pm): I received the Glycine moments ago and took some. It will probably be one of those things that take time to build in the system, so Iím not expecting immediate results. I forgot to mention in prior posts as well that I quit the testosterone last week. The only pharmaceutical Iím on at this point is just the ambien 5mg at night. The hope is that I can get to a comfortable enough position to not have to rely on it to sleep. Chemically, in the brain, Iím receiving way too much of something and too little of something that has me ďupĒ yet very fatigued rather than relaxed, which I think ties into why Iím experiencing the disconnect. I canít relax and feel tranquil no matter how hard I try. Itís not anxiety, so none of the fight or flight hormones.

    Update (4pm): Took 100mg of Pharma GABA.

    Question: Iíve scheduled an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. They tested me a month ago for a variety of things. Said my cholesterol, platelets, estrogen, and testosterone were all high. Weíll go over them. Iím sure theyíll retest me again. In terms of asking for any other hormones besides Testosterone, Estrogen, and DHT, are there any others I should check that could be affecting me?
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