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Thread: Super R Andro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxout777 View Post
    Lol...... oh no I'm shaking in my boots, the internet aggression is too much to bear!

    Practice what you preach and read my words "listed in plaintext" above - I don't have a problem with him - I asked you to at least put his name down if his quotes are being used as evidence. Which you did, so good on you. I do "have a problem" with doctors in general, but sending the good sir Mark an email isn't going to change what I view as a broken system in general after years of mistreatment for PTSD and the system completely abandoning me in regards to PFS.

    But it's incredibly enlightening that you did the same thing you tried to e-emasculate me for in this post, in this post. My advice would be to remove the "taking it personal" piece from my posts. I only intend to clarify for the potential user reading this topic. Something I've done for years on this forum. You said they don't do what is intended near as effectively. Sorry for the small swipe in words but it was a far stretch from mind reading. You called into play their effectiveness with nothing but opinion of one doctor to back it up on at the end of the day. I couldn't give a shit if you take me seriously or not - the point was more for people reading the topic vice the opinion of someone. I'm glad you think you're that important, chief.
    You got problems man. Well beyond PFS. I wish you the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeP26 View Post
    You got problems man. Well beyond PFS. I wish you the best.
    Lol. How'd I know this would be the sort of response given.

    I've openly admitted I have problems. Problems I'll most likely take to my grave. But thanks for taking personal shots when your pompous arrogance isn't well received. True display of character. Best of luck to you in life, kid.
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