I think we all have been struck by our families at somewhat point of our life before PFS. For me it was like i took Finasteride for a month no problem happened (SYMPTOMS)after it I stopped for no reasons and almost for 6 months b/w those 6 months I got some family issues due to which I stopped even talking to my so called family members. In return my family members made sure I was cut socially from my friends and everyone which got me to a place where i was 24 hours alone thinking and thinking about how I lost my everything (goals,friends,hair) and then came Finasteride into role for about a week since then i got no friends or anything social.Being a 19.5 year old I am not financially independent and have to ask for money from my family which they are least interested in giving. All negative things till here only but I truly believe in recovery using CD's protocol and also a beleiver in English 's theory that this PFS is more of mental problem like you can see in my case (longterm stress + finasteride = PFS) i am about to shift with my friend in college and i am trying to manage funds from my family but it will be difficult.
Basically i am trying to provide myself with all parts of CD's protocol + what English said about forgetting PFS and all worrying talk and thoughts which i cannot do with my current family since i have one to talk at my place i am gaming(PUBG) a lot this time and am looknig forward to start the protocol and I know that I can follow the protocol with a better social surroundings and not with the current. In coming time I will try not to be active on swolesource too much because some stories cause me mental issues while i will be moving forward to my recovery