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    Quote Originally Posted by delsolrob View Post
    I doubt it's 10x weaker, but even at the old profile I thought it was under-dosed

    probably reason for lowing dose: rising costs of raw materials - and the fact that China is the source of 99% of all raws and banned Androsterone production. At this time there is a finite amount of androsterone raws available on the market..until another source/country starts pumping out steroid raws in volume, reasonable costs, and high quality.

    they told me via mail that the actual andro hard has 50mg epi and 50mg andro per dose..

    do you have an idea about the ultra hard and its 375mg of epi androsterone concerning the effect on GABA? I've read somewhere else that epi is Gaba antagonist. maybe that's why my insomnia got even worse on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mineiro-up View Post
    I have run 2 cycles of AH (New one) and It didnt seem much effect on me, but on both I didnt ran super over dosed. I intent tô do It around december, like ... 20 pumps a day.
    I'll say this again, as I've said many times before....Using prohormones are only one part of a very large puzzle. You're not going to finish it with PH's alone. You HAVE to make sure that you're doing ALL of the protocol for the prohormones to even help you in the slightest bit.
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