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    Best Prohorme (Stack)

    Hi all,

    i am a PFS guy, so i am working with ultrahard right now.

    But in general i am a bit confused about other good prohormones or prohormone stacks.

    I am reading here a lot about r andro and andro 4. Is this the consensus about the best stack?

    And what are the names and companies of this products exactly? Where can it be bought?

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    Sorry I had missed this thread

    Alpha Four by Iconic Formulations would be a great addition when running Ultra Hard

    I've not dealt with PFS, but I would imagine you'd like to steer clear of compounds that have adverse effects on libido,, may recommend staying away from compounds like 1-DHEA/1-Andro or 19nor ph's. Again, that's just speculation by me.

    R-Andro is Androsterone - that is one of the actives in Ultra Hard and also in Alpha Four by Iconic Formulations.

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