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alright, so that was a huge surprise. I hear that Wand is becoming quite the national hero back in Brazil.

BTW, Brazilians are dumbasses when it comes to sports idols and such, i hate the sports following culture in that country (although I'm a rabid soccer fan).

Gomi was robbed. I think this is the 3rd garcision Sanchez gets. God, that kid annoys me.

Okami beating Lombard, did not see that coming. The hype is fading the Hector approaches the chopping block, as his contract is very expensive.
Wand vs Stann was a great fight. It looked like it could've gone either way for a minute.

I wasn't too surprised that Okami beat Lombard. After his loss to Chael, he started training in wrestling WITH Chael. After that he made a big run for the belt with his newfound wrestling base. It made the difference in this fight, and looks like that is Lombard's weakness.