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    I don't think he even reads what people write anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brguy View Post
    How many of you have or have had hourglass penis? My penis looks dead. Sometimes I have erections sitting or lying on my stomach, but never when I'm standing. When I'm going to pee, it creates a flaccid hourglass shape, but soon after it disappears (mainly when erect). It feels very light, both when soft and “hard“.

    I swear death would be better than that. I want my erection and my libido back. Only that.
    I only had this like first few months yeah. CD had it too but he probably doesn't even remember but I read all his posts and I remember our symptoms being almost exactly the same. Just follow the protocol. time will pass and faster you'll recover. by time you do it 6 months in you'll be 80-100% recovered anyways with a new appreciation for life. for me I got 80% pretty fast and then that last 20% took a long time for some reason.
    From rock bottom to rockstar, baby.

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